Tilda von Titantanks: Back On The Road Part 2

Tilda von Titantanks is back on the road and ready for her next chapter. She has decided that she will no longer deny her true character, so she has committed herself to be a warrior fighting on the side of good. After a series of run-ins with the seedy deviant underbelly of MNF Metropolis, she decided that her purpose hadn't run its course. The world had more in store for her, and she was going to seek out a person from her past: the monk who had healed her after the attack on her gang, the BallBusters, and the man who had guided her on her demon hunting missions: Friar Ward.
Artist: Kosmos
Release date: 06-27-2019
Categories: Western 
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WesternHentaiParodyFamous ToonInterracial
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